How does the roof heat proofing works, have you ever think? however, the magic is all inside the chemical structure of the substance that is used over your roofs and walls by a roof heat proofing experts in Karachi. What are the properties, composition, and science behind, such hear resistant chemicals is no rocket science and everyone can easily understand the characteristic of any industry grade heat proofing chemicals which is practically used. In this article, we are going to discuss that what they are called, and what properties they have.

Adhesive Compounds


Heat proofing chemicals are being used in industrial, residential, or commercial sector. It is actually an adhesive compound which consist of many other coatings, sealants, and encapsulation features all contain one purpose, to resist the heat and scatter the radiation effect within their surface, preventing the discharge of heat in your roof. Usually, the heat resistant chemicals in Karachi can resist up-to 370 C temperature. All of these chemicals can face such heat combination without losing their chemical structure, making sure that they can withstand for a longer time period, much more effectively.



In the market, there are many sticky heat resistant chemicals which can stop heat from entering into the top of the roof. Most chemicals are UV operable systems, silicons and sodium silicate coatings which can hang back higher temperature without losing their chemical composition and pertains intended performance, as expected from the top line heat proofing chemical. Epoxy is the best chemical which is being used almost everywhere for heat proofing service. Because of their coating and bonding property, it is used for roof heat proofing in Pakistan, wall heat proofing and various other application.

Solar Reflectivity Compounds


The specially designed coatings that have been used as a heat proofing chemicals seems to have a solar reflectivity features in order to prevent absorbing heat into the concrete walls and overall surrounding. These types of the chemical do two things, it reflect the sunlight from their surface, and the other is to remove stored heat in the form of radiation. These highly effective coating has been applied into practical location either the top roof is flat, curved, or low-sloped. They improve the temperature of houses, buildings, and industries.

Benefits Of Heat Proofing Chemicals


Karachi is a concrete jungle that houses around 20 million people. Each year, all the sector such as residential and industrial occupation has gradually increased the heat by one degree. In order to get protected from harmful sunlight and heat wave, it is important to use air-conditioning units, which only increase harmful radiation into the atmosphere and also consume more electricity.

Heat resistant chemicals in Karachi can play an important role in reducing the heat as a most natural way as well as helps to decrease the time of air-conditioning, as a result saves up the energy cost.

Roof heat proofing in Pakistan provides the best roof heat proofing solution in Pakistan, along with various other solutions such us waterproofing, and heat insulation services in Karachi.