Polyurethane Spray Foams

Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation – Is It A Worthy Investment?

In Pakistan, many people are now investing in home insulation while developing their homes. Polyurethane spray foams insulation keeps your home at a controlled temperature and also greatly helps with reducing the cost of air-conditioning whole year. Undoubtedly, during home construction, home insulation is a great long-term investment.

As in Pakistan many has not been spoken after spray foam insulation, so we took the freedom of assembling some features of this insulation. Let discuss four important things related to polyurethane spray foam insulation.

Types Of Spray Foam Insulation

According to their density, there are two types of spray foam insulation in Pakistan.

Closed-cell Foam

Also called high-density foam. This type of spray foam insulation has many advantages compared to traditional insulation methods. Closed-cell foam is expensive than open-cell foam. As it has a higher R-value so it is known to resist bulk water, even during floods. It can be easily applied and works at temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius.

Open-cell Foam

Open-cell foam are not completely compressed and full of cells. The cells are left open intentionally to make the foam softer and flexible to apply. As it has a lower R-value so it known as a low-density foam.

Uses Of Polyurethane Spray Foams Insulation

Home insulation is a handy tool for reducing electricity bills. This type of insulation can make your house energy-efficient. It is also a best way to reduce heat trapped in the house, while at the same time making sufficient protection against water leakage and seepage without damaging the interior look of your home.

As it is created by combining Methylene Diphenyl Isocyanate and a polyol therefore it is a lightweight polymer as compare to other methods of home insulation. It has a low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance, which helps in controlling the temperature of a building in extreme weather.

Furthermore, polyurethane insulation can be sprayed onto roofs and walls to protect any type of structure from water and from the unpleasant sound. It is also used to make an air barrier and to fill in crawl spaces. It can reduce electricity costs by as much as 50 percent

Pros Of Polyurethane Spray Foams insulation

Following are some pros of spray foam insulation, so weigh these before making a decision.

Polyurethane spray foam is easy to install.

It does not break and remain effective for many years if properly installed.

It protect your house against mold and mildew growth.

Cons Of Polyurethane Spray Foams Insulation

Some cons of spray foam insulation are as follows:

If it has not been installed properly or gets too old then it may have to be reapplied.

It is costlier than other home insulation methods.

It has a negative impact on the environment when disposed.

Cost Of Polyurethane Spray Foams Insulation In Pakistan

Spray foam insulation is expensive than other insulation methods. The prices of polyurethane spray foams insulation in Pakistan are decided according to per foot, depending on the density and how well you negotiate.