Are you worn out of dealing with the traditional flooring systems in your home such as carpet, hardwood, and tile? In garages, occasionally stamped concrete, polished concrete, and concrete overlays just do not get the job done. Well, when you feels that you are at the end of the line so what should you do? You have an idea about epoxy flooring systems? Epoxy flooring is for commercial settings, correct? Not at all! Because of current innovations in the field of epoxy, there are different methods to change your simple grey concrete into a work of art with the help of epoxy flooring with various different types of epoxy.

Types Of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Self-leveling Epoxy Floors


Self-leveling epoxy floors are probably the most popular type of epoxy floors. When your floors have been cracked badly or mistreated during several years, you want a self-leveling epoxy floor. Self-leveling epoxy floors make a smooth and level texture on the surfaces of cracked concrete floors and give a shiny surface and can be applied in multiple colors! These epoxy floors typically used in:






Commercial areas that are highly used

Epoxy Mortar Floors


Epoxy mortar systems are a viable flooring option for those areas that need extra level of protection. If you are dealing in an area that is being used constantly for high chemicals, continuous water spills, heavy machinery, and high foot-traffic, so this type of epoxy is for you. These epoxy coatings are used to create safer floors and improve the entire environment worker and customers are in. When being applied, it can be used to repair small cracks in the concrete. These floors can be found in:


Manufacturing plants



Epoxy Quartz


This is a combination of polymer resin and quartz that is used for highly stressful environments. These floors are best that are under high foot-traffic and need to be strong enough to last for many years. Sanitation is usually a big problem for areas that are installing quartz epoxy floors, so industries that need to abide by certain guidelines would truly benefit from these floors. These floors can be found in:


Locker rooms



Anti-static Epoxy Floors


Anti-static flooring can make a work environment a hazardous one immediately. Areas that deal with flammable items are recommended to install this types of flooring. These areas need to do anything they can to decrease the chances of static and these anti-static epoxy floors are the best option to do so. Following are the areas where you can easily installed this type of epoxy flooring in Pakistan:

Hospitals and Clinics

Pharma areas

Chemical plants

Flake Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Flooring Systems

They look like popcorn floors. They put a piece of personality and interest to any area they are installed in. Flake epoxy floors are a decorative choice that involved colored flakes that are added into the epoxy to give a distinct and indubitable look to epoxy.


The flakes can be a combination of anything you want

Flakes makes a shining look