The Growing Trend Of Epoxy Floors In Interior Design

Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular floor finishing techniques used for industrial and commercial buildings also homeowners use Epoxy Floors to decorate their houses as it gives a wonderful and eye-catching look.

Epoxy flooring has a lot of benefits if it is applied properly as it strengthens the flooring, and saves maintenance costs. Secondly, it is affordable due to its easy application, and easily available materials and it can last for years with just little maintenance. But like everything epoxy flooring has some common issues with it.

But before we get into the issues of Epoxy Floors we should understand epoxy flooring first. I have listed some of the essentials of epoxy flooring so you can understand it better

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring in Pakistan is used usually on concrete flooring in industries and commercial building, in places where heavy load of stocks and materials are to be stored. The reason is that epoxy flooring gives strength to the floor and concrete which has to withstand heavy weight every day. Apart from providing strength and durability epoxy flooring produces a glossy and eye-catching surface hence home owners have started to apply it in their homes.

Epoxy coating is produced by mixing an epoxy raisin with a polyamine hardener where the raisin gives it the color and finish while the hardener cures it quickly to make it strong and durable. It is a two part application procedure where a true epoxy coat consist of solid particles which appear on the floor hence the reason it produces a thick and sturdy surface.

It should be mentioned that when epoxy flooring is applied correctly it can last for decades but it varies depending upon the load it can bear.

Common issues with Epoxy Floors application

Epoxy flooring itself doesn’t have much issues but all the problem almost arise by the one who applies the flooring. That is the only reason you should buy epoxy flooring services from a professional flooring company.

Problems which arise by the negligence of the applicator can be due to them not mixing the substance correctly or not keeping the temperature in check while preparing and applying the coat. Epoxy flooring is a very time sensitive process where a little delay can completely destroy the application, this is one problem unprofessional applicators overlook and so many of them do not inspect the flooring before applying the coat as the previous floor has to be checked for any problems and damages.

Some problems which are caused by the negligence of applicators

Bubbles in coating

The most occurring problem in epoxy flooring is the bubbling of the coating where they appear like a honeycomb structure.

When the raising is not mixed properly and the mixing ratio is not right then the mixture allows for air to be trapped inside it which causes bubbles in the epoxy flooring. Other reason for the bubbling can be the applicators not considering the temperature of the areas and the substance itself before application.

Craters in Epoxy Floors

One major problem caused by incompetent application is craters and blisters where blisters are large bubbles appearing in the epoxy flooring due to air being trapped inside. These air bubble if they get hot can also create craters in the flooring

Peeling of the Epoxy Floors

The other issue with epoxy if not applied properly is the peeling of the epoxy coating. Now peeling can be caused by many problems such as not inspecting the previous surface properly, not removing insolvents like oil and grease, not mixing the substance properly, temperature not assessed or moisture in the surface.


Other problems arising from unprofessional application are soft areas, lack of uniformity and lumps on coating.

How to avoid these issues

These issue are not entirely technical and are mostly caused by unknowledgeable and unprofessional workers. It is important to hire professional epoxy coating service providers and in this case universal services have the very best trained professionals and experience of more than a decade. Universal services have provided epoxy services to industries and commercial buildings all across Pakistan.