Cities, all across Pakistan, undergo through a scorching hot summer. When the summer seasons hits its peak, it becomes almost unbearable to survive the harsh climate. Additionally, with climate change already in motion, the country is now suffering from extremely harsh weather conditions.


Considering this, it is essential for Pakistani homes to be heat proofed with effective materials. When the house is not heat proofed, the heat energy becomes trapped in the roof and the walls of the house and radiates inside the interior. This makes the living conditions extra difficult. Therefore, it is important to invest in heat proofing, during the time period of construction, so you can avoid long-term issues with your home.


In order to heatproof your house, there are several different materials, which can be used. You can select an option that is affordable and effective. The following enumerated on a few heat proofing materials that are widely used in Pakistan.

Bituminous Aluminium Foil Membrane


The Bituminous aluminium foil membrane is a 3 mm thick material, which works its magic through its reflective properties. It is applied on the interior and exterior of the house, so that the heat ricochets, instead of being absorbed. It is a sturdy material, which can stand high temperature, up to 200 degree Celsius. The bituminous aluminium foil membrane is relatively more expensive than other heat proofing options.

Heat reflective paint


Heat reflective paint can be applied on both concrete and metal and is commonly used to fill the cracks on the exterior of the house. It works parallel to the previous material, thus suggesting, that it reflects the heat, rather than allowing the house to absorb it. Heat reflective paint is designed to withstand the harshest of climates. In contrast to the bituminous aluminium foil membrane, heat reflective paint is more affordable.

Synthetic polymer sheets


One of the most affordable options for heat proofing in Pakistan (https://www.heatproofing.pk/heat-proofing-services/) is using Synthetic polymer sheets. This material constitutes of pure thermoplastic polymers, therefore, it can stand through extremely hot climates. In contrast to other heat proofing options, using Synthetic polymer sheets is extremely affordable.

The canvas


The canvas is a cloth that is created from fiber glass material. It mostly applied to sensitive materials, such as pipes, expansion joints and machinery. As the material is light in nature, it can easily be applied to any element of the house. However, this option is more expensive than using synthetic polymer sheets.